Honda/ Acura

Main Regulator Body


CFT-30 Planet 

Bearing Pocket Repair

Complete Re-Enforced

    w/ Core Required

604 Planet Set 




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4L60- Input Drum-300mm Empty / Loaded
4L60- Input Drum-298mm Empty / Loaded
4L60- Sun Shell
4L60-Front Planet Setup
4L60-Rear Planet Setup
4L60-Forward Sprag w/out sun gear
4L60-Rev. Input Drum

4L80E-Pump assem
4L80E-Pump Body
4L80E-Pump assem – 2004's and up
4L80E-Input Shaft
4L80E-Fwd Drum – Empty / Loaded
4L80E-Front Planet
4L80E-Direct Drum – Empty / Loaded**

4L80E-Rear Planet $75**
4L80E-Drive Train $175w/out center support**
4L80E-Drive Train $260 w/center support **

4R70W-Direct Drum
4R70W-Rear Planet**
4R70W-Rear Planet assem**
4R70W-Pump assem
4R70W-Valve Body (As/Is, No Warranty)

4T65E-Center support
4T65E-2nd Clutch Drum
4T65E-Input Drum
4T65E-Front Planet**
4T65E-Rear Planet**

** Core Required

Vt20/25 Pulley ASM.

U140 Planet Set